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ETA Tourist Visa

WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions, a leading immigration service provider, houses a team of professional consultants that ensure timely processing all tourist visa applications by coordinating with the relevant authorities. This enables you to travel easily and have a worry free trip to Australia.

Whether you are travelling to Australia for business or pleasure, you would need a valid visa. An ETA or Electronic Travel Authority, an electronic visa linked with your passport, gives you the permission to travel to Australia easily. This Australian ETA is equivalent to a visa and is checked by the airlines authority prior to your departure. With an Australian ETA, you can easily make short trips to Australia up to a period of 3 months per visit.

How to Apply?
To apply for an Australian ETA, you must have a passport, email address and a credit card to complete the online application formalities. The details you submit in the application must match be exactly same as that on your passport and you must carry the same while travelling.

Australian ETA Tourist Visa offerings
An Australian ETA Tourist visa offers an array of advantages to people. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Electronic Visa – being electronic, there is no need to go to the visa office and get a stamp for travelling to
  • Time period – It allows you to stay for a period of up to 3 months in Australia per visit
  • Multiple Entry – The Australian ETA gives you the leverage of making multiple trips to the country
  • Instant – Being an online application, you can instantly get a visa and travel to Australia.

Limitations of ETA Tourist Visa
While an ETA Tourist Visa offers a number of advantages to travelers, there are a few limitations linked to the Australian ETA.

  • Purpose of Visit – You purpose of visit should must be limited to travel or business work only
  • Validity – It is valid for multiple visit within 12 months from the date of issue.
  • Visit Time Stretch – Maximum stay time in Australia with an Australian ETA Tourist Visa is 3 months per visit
  • No Work Permit – You are only allowed to take up your business activities and are not permitted work under an Australian employer when travelling with this visa type
  • No study permit – You must not undertake studies for more than 3 months

Eligibility Requirements
To apply for an Australian ETA Tourist Visa, the following eligibility criteria should be met:-

  • You must demonstrate that you have enough funds to support your travel
  • You must not intent to seek or undertake any job in Australia
  • You should have no criminal record and promise to comply with the laws of the country
  • You may have to undergo medical examinations
  • Those of you planning to stay with relatives or friends must also provide invitation letter

Once you have met the above mentioned eligibility criteria, you can file for an application for online Australian ETA Tourist Visa. Usually, the application is processed within 24 hours.

WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions, a leading immigration service provider, houses a team of professional consultants that vet all visa applications and correspond with the relevant authorities to ensure each visa application is submitted successfully and processed within an appropriate time frame, for you to travel easily and have a joyous trip to Australia.

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