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Student Visa singapore

Singapore is a city-state and an island nation made up of not just one, but 63 islands. It is one of the most densely populated regions in Asia. Singapore is an anglicized version of the name ‘Singapura’, which means the ‘Land of the Lions’.
The modern history of Singapore commences with Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles setting up a trading outpost for the East India Company in 1819. In 1963, Singapore declared independence from the British and joined the Malay Federation. In 1965, the country broke apart from the Malay Federation, and since then Singapore’s progress from an underdeveloped country to a financial and technological hub has been an inspiring story.
Why choose Singapore

    Singapore’s multicultural society is composed of four major ethnic groups:

  • Chinese (76.8%)
  • Malays (13.9%)
  • Indians (7.9%)
  • Eurasians and smaller minority groups (1.4%)
  • The government of Singapore is providing a lot of benefits to workers and immigrants
  • The cost of living in Singapore is significantly lower than that of many developed countries such as Australia, UK and USA

Intakes in Singapore are available throughout year for various institutes. Although Major intakes are available in :

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

TAT for Offer Letter: 5 days (working days)
Tie-up in Singapore:

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