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English Language Study Visa

Foreign students keen on pursuing listed English language course in Australia opt for this program. They have to be approved from the authority to apply for Australian English Language Study (ELICOS) visa.

Australian English Language Study Visa Basic Requirements
In order to apply for English Language Study (ELICOS) visa, applicants should have adequate English language ability. They should be register in an authorized English language course as their primary course of study. They should be able to produce evidence of adequate financial means to support themselves. In addition, for their tenure in Australia, they should have acquired overseas student health insurance cover.

Australian English Language Study Visa Entitlements
The Australian English Language Study visa is valid for the tenure till the English language course comes to an end. This is a temporary visa. During the term, visa holders are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week. However, during the term breaks, visa holders can work unrestricted.

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