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Temporary Work Visa

Over 125,000 foreign workers were granted the Temporary Work visa in Canada in first six months of the year 2013. This reflects the popularity of the program. Applicants who want to live and work in Canada, at the earliest should apply through this program. Recruits from any industry and possessing a wide range of skills can be appointed in case of temporary labour shortages.

This liberal program allows eligible foreign workers to work in Canada for a specified period. However, their employer will have to show evidence of shortage or lack of suitable Canadians/permanent residents to fill the jobs. They will have to prove that this appointment will not have any adverse effect on the Canadian labour market.

Temporary Work Basic Visa Requirements
Temporary Work visa is one of the most popular choices. Applicants belonging to certain categories may require work visa. The time taken for processing the application and approval and requirements, varies based on the work, applicants will do in Canada. Usually, foreign workers may have to procure a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from Service Canada. Also the Canadian employer should be authorized to employ a foreign worker, as per LMO. Post these approvals, the applicant can apply for a work visa. In some cases, applicants may also have to undertake medical examination.

Temporary Work Visa Entitlements
Temporary Worker visa holders are permitted to work and live in Canada for a limited period, generally between 6 -24 months. During the stay, the visa holders’ family (i.e. spouse and children) may also be allowed to study and work. The visa holder will be allowed to work for the designated employer in the specified role. However, they may utilize the opportunity to get the visa extended, if they want to seek employment in Canada. In addition, workers can apply for permanent residence.

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