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Portugal Residence Permit (Golden Visa)

Portugal, officially known as the Portuguese Republic, is one of the oldest countries in the European sub-continent.

Ancient architecture, villages adorned by cobblestone roads, mesmerizing landscape and glistening beaches make Portugal one of the most sought-after and peaceful countries in the world with a high quality of life for its residents. Ever since the country has joined the European Union in the year 1986, it has become one of the best financial hubs in the entire Europe.

Portugal has taken great strides in recent years to boost its economic growth by increasing its competitiveness and simplifying the investment process for foreign investors & businesspersons.

The strategic location of Portugal makes it an ideal business/investment destination for those who looking for access to the European market or want to extend their business across the globe.

Portugal- Quick Facts

  • Location: Southern Europe
  • Capital: Lisbon
  • Total Area: 92,212 sq. kms
  • Population: 10.28 million (2019)
  • Passport Ranking: 4th
  • Official Language: Portuguese & English

Benefits of obtaining Portugal Golden Visa

  • Have security of a second residence in a safe and stable country
  • Get access to world-class Portuguese healthcare and European education system
  • Apply for the Portuguese citizenship after 5 years
  • No need to live in Portugal to get the visa or citizenship
  • No need to relocate just 7 days per year on an average in Portugal.
  • Freedom to travel throughout the Schengen visa zone
  • Portugal has one of the cheapest real estate markets in Europe with a strong growth rate
  • Low rates of personal and corporate taxation
  • Applicant can include his/her spouse and dependent children in the application as well. However, the children must be below 18 or above 18 if proven still in full time studies.



Source of funds: Source of funds should be legal

Investment Duration: Maintain the investment for minimum 5 years

Age: Applicant must be over 21 years

Health: No serious medical conditions

Education: No minimum education is required

Criminal Record: Should not hold any criminal record

Stay Requirement: Minimum 7 days each year on golden visa (1st year 7days-Ist renewal of 2 years =14days =2nd renewal =14days etc).


Investment options

Property Investment Options

Under this investment option, the investor/main applicant can gain Portugal residency by investing under any of the following option:

  • Acquire a property of minimum €500,000 or more worth
  • Acquire a minimum 30-year-old or refurbishing requiring urban property hotel project of minimum €350,000 worth
  • Acquire a property in a less populated area at 20% reduced investment (€280,000)
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