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Child Visitor Visa

UK Child Visitor visa is applicable to candidates under the age of 18 years who intend to travel to the UK to visit their UK based friends and family. Applicants may travel on own or they may choose to be accompanied by a designated guardian.

The applicants must prove to the UK Immigration Authorities that suitable arrangements have been organised for their reception in the UK and for their care during the stay. Also, they must prove that they have a parent or guardian, in their home country, otherwise responsible for their care.

Child Visitor Visa Basic Requirements
To qualify under the Child Visitor visa category there are some prerequisites that must be met.

The applicants must be aged less than 18 years and they may visit the UK only for a maximum of six (6) months. Applicants are required to show that they will be accommodated and they must be able to financially support themselves (with the support of friends and family) during their stay in the UK. Applying candidates must demonstrate their ability to meet the cost of their onward journey. The Child Visitor visa does not allow the visa holders to take up any paid or unpaid employment in the UK.

Visa regulations under this category require the candidates to furnish details of the accompanying individual at the time of lodging their application. If granted, details of the accompanying individuals are endorsed on the child’s visa. In specific scenarios, a visa holder found to be travelling without the endorsed individual might have their visa cancelled.

Child Visitor Visa Entitlements
This visa permits the successful applicants to visit the UK for up to a maximum of six (6) months and experience the life and culture in the UK. They may also be allowed multiple entries during the six (6) month period.

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