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Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa

The United Kingdom hosts some of the highest quality health care facilities in the world. UK hospitals, doctors, and medical research centers are globally known for quality and technology.

The UK Government is always striving to extend their medical provisions to individuals from other countries. Visa under Private Medical Treatment Visitor category is regulated to facilitate provision of the United Kingdom’s advanced medical treatment and care to the world.

Medical Visitor Visa Basic Requirements
Applicants must satisfy the eligibility criteria for a general Visitor visa and in addition show that their proposed treatment is for a pre-stipulated duration. Evidence of the medical condition, the estimated costs of the treatment, and the applicant’s ability to meet those costs must be demonstrated in the application.

Medical Visitor Visa Entitlements
This visa entitles holders to visit the UK for up to a maximum of six (6) months. During their stay, the visa holders are entitled to undertake the required course of treatment and they may be allowed multiple entries during the approved validity period.

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