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Australia, a place that is a continent as well as a country. All those who apply for Australia immigration, they immigrate not just to a country, they immigrate to a whole continent. The name of Australia has been taken from the Latin word Australias, which means southern, legends of an unknown land of the south.

Thousands of immigrants who settle in this country every year and all the locals consider Australia as a “lucky country” which is characterized by its political stability, pulsating economy and a high standard of living that is envied by many. Australia pr eligibility is a crucial factor for those considering immigration to this fortunate land. Australia is also popular around the world for its stunning landscapes and among all those who apply for  Australia immigration.

Australia is certainly one of the most promising countries in the world to live in and do business. The country certainly has an enviable reputation as it provides premium standard of living.

Thousands of people move through Australia immigration every year to work, study, tour or to live their permanently.

If you want to study, work or immigrate to Australia in a fair and hassle free manner than you need to contact WWICS to get the right consultancy service. planning your move to this incredible continent-country

Effective July 1, 2018, new points system has been rolled out the below mentioned Skilled Migration Visas. The Qualifying Score is now 65 points..
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A Family Spouse Visa allows a married partner (opposite or same-sex) to join his/her spouse in Australia. The sponsor should be Australian citizen..
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A unique and diverse country in every way – culture, population, climate, geography, and history, Australia has a culture that is as broad and varied..
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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions!!

Q1. What is the minimum validity period for applying for an Australian Visa?

Visa Type Validity Period
Visitors 3 , 6 or 12 months
Business Visitors Minimum 1 year
Student Minimum 1 year
Temporary Work Minimum 1 year

While most visa types are valid for a minimum of one year, the validity period granted may be less or more depending upon individual situations.

Q2. What is the procedure of getting an Australian visa renewed?

The renewal process is pretty simple. All you need to do is connect to the nearest Australian Visa office and appoint an interview. Furnish all the desired documents to support your situation and pay tax at the time of new visa allotment.

Q3. What is a point check?

A point check is a transparent and objective method of selecting migrants with skills and attributes needed in Australia. The Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship has scaled the point check of minimum 60. The higher the points, the better chances you have of getting through the immigration process.

Q4. What are the fee charges involved in Australian Immigration Process?

The cost of Visa changes from time to time. It may depend up on the date of your application receipt. In case there is an increase in the immigration fees between the date of your lodging and receipt of application, you will have to pay the new application fee.

Q5.What is the eligibility criteria that needs to be fulfilled for an Australian Visa?

Different visa types have different eligibility criteria. However, generally Australian visas ask for the following:-

  • Age – 50 years or below
  • English – Proficiency in English language is required. IELTS score may also be required.
  • Occupation – disclose occupation and annual income, if applicable
  • Sponsored – A sponsor letter from an Australian employer/university/consultant/business firm may be required.

Q6.What are list of documents required during Australian Immigration Process?

Here is a general checklist of documents required during Australian Immigration process.

  • Undergo a skills assessment test for the occupation you have applied for. Include skills assessment proof in the visa application file. Contact a consultant to know more.
  • Certified copies of documents such as age proof, birth certificate and passport should be enclosed.
  • Submission of IELTS report is also important, in case mentioned. The test score must not be older than 2-3 years based on program from the date of your application filing.
  • Employment/University reference letters, if applicable.
  • Offer letter should be included if you want to claim points against job offer from Australian employer.

Q7. What is the average processing time involved in Australian Immigration process?

  • Visa Type Average Processing Minimum Time (Approx)
    Visitors 1 month
    Business Visitors 1 month
    Student 5 to 10 weeks
    Temporary Work 1 month

Q8. Who can immigrate to Australia?

Generally, people can immigrate to Australia for traveling, studying, seeking employment or for Business

Q9. What is the visa application process?

Generally, people can immigrate to Australia for traveling, studying, seeking employment or for Business

Q10. What is the visa application process?

  • Step 1  Select a visa Subclass and relevant visa application form
  • Step 2  Gather all the supporting documents
  • Step 3  Use assessment tools to access your profession and find out whether you will pass the assessment process or not.
  • Step 4  File for an ‘Expression of Interest’.
  • Step 5  Once visa application is accepted by the Australian Immigration Department, police and medical checks are initiated.
  • Step 6  Visa is granted.

Services offered by our expert consultants will help you get through the process easily and hassle free.

Q11. Do I have to pass any evaluation?

In order to apply for a visa you will have to get a skill assessment done by furnishing certain diplomas/documents honored by the Australian Immigration Department and pass the English proficiency test – IELTS. You will also have to undergo police verification and medical tests, which are a part of the Australian Immigration process.

Q12. Why WWICS?

WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions is the world’s largest immigration group that offers top-notch services to its clients. We house a team of expert consultants who stay abreast of any and every update about the immigration processes, rule and regulations and immigration requirements involved in relocating or travelling to Australia as well as to a host of other countries. Our consultants assist you right from the start until the time the immigration process is complete, ensuring that you do not face any inconvenience whatsoever during the course of the process.

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